Now that the news is a few hours old that the world has lost Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys, it’s hard to ignore the effect it’s having on people.

There have been plenty of artists who have passed away in the days of social media, but so far as I can tell, the reach and appeal of the Beastie Boys and the ripples of that loss are a close second only to Michael Jackson. Why is that? Why is it that a 47 year old white Jewish rapper had such of an impact? Well, part of it undoubtably is that he was only 47, and that’s shocking any way you look at it. And obviously, the whole white Jewish rapper part is a testament to the boundaries that were broken by The Beasties.

You could argue that the ‘alternative’ crowds’ biggest loss was Cobain, but Nirvana only barely released 4 albums of original music in the short time they were on top of the world. The Beasties however, have played a huge role in the music of three decades. More or less since the news media even started giving each generation it’s own ‘name’ (Gen-X, Baby Boomers, Gen-Y, Millennials) the Beasties have been influencing whatever name was being carelessly tossed around. Couple that with the cultural lines that were blurred by a groundbreaking band of three white punks doing respectable hip-hop.

Cheers, MCA. May they never revoke your license to ill.

Today we want to wish our amazingbeautifultalentedsingerprincessgodessfriend Jenny Lute the happiest of birthdays to be had…ever, by anyone, in the history of birthdays. She’s nothing less than amazing, and if we even tried to explain how much we truly love her, this blog would be flagged by the government for presumed intent to kidnap or something. Or at the very least, sexual harassment, cause seriously, the girl is smokin’ hot.

We love you, Jenny. Happy Birthday!

- Bill, Joe, and Aaron


Our good friend Dr. Mike, with Brian Fallon (lead singer) of The Gaslight Anthem wondering who the hell we’re talking about.

Yeah yeah yeah...okay, we know it's been a while. We're sorry, we've been really busy. SEE! LOOK! Below is our current list of potential songs that could end up on our next record. Yeah, there are maybe five that have been played live already, but everything else is virtually brand new. See, it's not that we don't love you, or that we've moved onto somebody else. Let's just call it creative hibernation. Can't wait for you guys to hear some of this! *Most of these are either working titles, or joke titles to help us remember which ideas we've worked on from rehearsal to rehearsal. Don't worry, we probably won't actually title a song "Megasex". Or would we? Hmmm.... See you all next month! We'll play as many of these new ones as possible. xo

Since we’re working hard on new material, we’ve only had enough time to regift this year. But don’t think it’s because we love you any less. It’s simply because we’re saving up for your present for next year.

Here’s our performance of a Holiday classic from three years ago, live from the CD101 Big Room. This was the last Andyman-a-thon to be hosted by it’s creator, the late and wonderful Andy “Andyman” Davis.

O’ Holy Night – The Wet Darlings

Oh, and here’s last year’s Holiday greeting card.

We wish you the merriest of everything!


Jenny, Bill, Joe & Aaron

Yeah, so maybe you’ve seen us do shows together over the years, but in nearly 7 minutes our good friend Josh Krajcik blew his own awareness into the mega-stratosphere while auditioning for the US’s first season of the X-Factor.

Perhaps you caught it when it aired, but nearly 1 Million people happened to check it out after the fact at the time of this blogging. Check it out here:

To try and explain our feelings about it is hard. To see your friend step on a stage of that caliber and potential, to do what he loves, and what he absolutely does best…and then get the glowing response you know he was always deserving of is absolutely indescribable. That clip is 7 minutes of absolute joy and elation. Everything about this is so surreal.

We had to rehearse the night of the airing to prep for a show, so we weren’t able to watch it with him, but we Joe did happen to secretly grab our reaction from the corner once we heard “He’s On!” yelling from upstairs.

We wish him the absolute best and we couldn’t be more excited and proud.

Cheers, buddy.


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