Laryngina News

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve had to cancel some upcoming shows due to me having a crazy polyp on my left vocal cord.  I get it removed April 9th.  The recovery is expected to be around 6 weeks or so.  My vocal pathologist states that my head voice is gone completely… aaand he’s right.  I’ve been hoarse for 6 weeks now and it blows, folks.  BLOWS.  Once I have the surgery, I can’t make a single sound (which means no talking or even coughing) for two whole days, and then very minimal talking for the remainder of the week.  Oh man.  No talking?  Borrrriiiing.  But gosh, I can’t wait to sing again. Eeeek.  So excited for this to be over.

I’m super excited about the new songs that are being born from this hiatus and even more excited to get back on the stage with these boys. Choo choo!

I’ve included a couple of photos of my super hawt vocal cords for your viewing pleasure.  Careful, boys.

    ~XO, Jenny

Photo 1: pre-meds

vocal cord
















Photo 2: post-meds

vocal cord2


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