Singing in movies.




If you’ve picked up a newspaper in Columbus in recent months, chances are you’ve either read or skimmed over an article about by our good and talented friend, Mike Olenick’s shortfilm, “Spaceboy”.   Mike describes the film as  “a sci-fi opera set in outer space” and we think it’s definitely a gem worth seeing…. not to mention, the soundtrack happens to be me singing through a 20-foot long PVC pipe throughout the film’s entirety.  I must admit, I’m quite fond of the memory of said experience.    🙂

“Olenick – a local filmmaker, festival circuit favorite and editor in the Wex’s art and tech department – delivers a faithful and cheeky remake of Renate Druks’ 1973 original. His six-minute short makes great use of local talent and does excellent justice to the tale of a space traveler’s rendezvous with an intergalactic seductress.

With papier-mache plants, diamonelle-encrusted bodysuits, come-hither crotch shots and awesome vocals by Jenny Lute of the Wet Darlings….”  –Nikki Davis, Columbus Alive

Spaceboy premiered at the PDX Film Festival in Portland, OR.  It has screened at the Big Muddy Film Festival in Carbondale, IL, The Boston Underground Film Festival in Boston, MA, The Wexner Center for the Arts here in Columbus, OH, and Experimenta in Bangalore, India.  It is also screening at the Athens International Film + Video Festival in Athens Ohio in a few weeks.

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My advice to you– check it out!

XO, Jenny