Happy Burthdehh, Jennuh!

Today we wish our own little Jenny Lute a most wonderful Birthday!
We torment her, but love her so very much.

Hey, What's the Big Idea?!?!

Also, we should give a tremendous thanks to everyone for making her entire birthday month amazing for all of us. Through requests, you guys have placed our single “Big Ups” in the top five most requested songs on CD101 FM (102.5 FM) for nearly three weeks straight, and keeping it #1 more times than we can recall. We’re stunned, and absolutely grateful for all of the support. If we could, we would make Bligee pics of all of you to show our appreciation. We’re now in regular rotation on the premiere alternative format station in the midwest. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!


BATTLEFIELD: CD101 DAY (The Empire Slaps Back)

When we last left off, our heroes The Wet Darlings had let The Town Monster know that they weren’t going to get away with their attention-grabbing antics, in a ploy to gain votes for this year’s CD101 Day.

They said something along the lines of “whinewhinewhineblahblah..somethingsomething, don’t step to The Town Monster.” I told them they were bluffing.
But…I guess they weren’t.

Having dealt us quite a blow, receiving numerous facebook accolades and praise for seemingly putting a lid on possible retaliation…we regrouped, and fought back the only way any battle should be fought.
With a slow jam.

We uploaded and blew the smoke out of our barrel. (wink)
In all seriousness, we’re not serious. We love all these bands, and this is all tongue-in-cheekier than it could ever be. But feel free to vote for whomever you want.

And don’t forget we’re releasing our second EP “So Long, Lover” this week, with our release party at Skully’s on Friday March 18th, with Ghost Shirt and Yellow Light Maybe.

Our least drunken interview to date!

Click over to Columbus Groove for a great new feature/interview to hype our Halloween show on Friday October 29th at Park Street Tavern. This was definitely the one interview where we weren’t pre-occupied with sipping cocktails, or laughing, so in a way, it’s our most businesslike so far. Many thanks to Debbie and the good folks at Columbus Groove for the support and for saying super nice things about us.

We greatly appreciate it!
The Wet Darlings

Feature in Columbus Dispatch

In case there was any doubt that this tomorrow night’s show at Skully’s is the place to be, the good folks at the Columbus Dispatch would like you to know that you should be there with bells on. Aside from the show, they also had some nice things to say about us and our music.

Check the Local Limelight feature out here!

We hope to see all your beautiful faces out tomorrow night!


The Wet Darlings